My availability is exclusive to individuals that have the means and motivation. I do a careful review to determine if I’m able to provide value to you. My client’s readiness will be evaluated. Readiness is considered emotional, practical time availability and financial capacity. All long-term arrangements are in contractual form.


  • General Population seeking guidance, education and advice in the areas of Metabolism, Confidence, Time management/organization, Conditioning, Nutrition, Recovery, Performance Strategy, Altitude
  • Endurance and MMA athletes needing mental and physical training advisory
  • Professional Team and Individual Sports seeking organization and prioritization
  • Ultra Endurance Swimming i.e. English Channel and Catalina
  • Weight Loss and Addiction Clients
  • Professional Trainers and Coaches seeking new ideas and business advisory
  • Rehabilitation post surgical, injury
  • Gut, Thyroid and Adrenal testing and restoration

My business model is structured simply. I charge in the following ways.

  • Prepaid Single Consults/Advisory by phone, Face Time, Skype or in Person
  • Program Review and Program Design- Hourly Fees apply
  • Monthly Retainers that cover any or all of my services.
  • Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, Electronic Fund Transfers, Certified Checks and Cash Accepted

I have education and experience in the following areas. I consult in these areas

  • Human Physiology and Anatomy
  • Neuro Lingusitic Programming NLP
  • Physical Therapy
  • Muscular Therapy
  • ART
  • Functional Medicine
  • Hypnosis
  • CHEK Trained
  • NSCA Trained
  • Mentored by Dr. Phil Skiba, Dr, Jan Olbrecht, Dr. Tudor Bompa, Charles Polequin, Paul CHEK