I started out in my youth as an exceptional athlete in ball sports and a very good swimmer/water polo player.

My swimming never got to the level I had hoped and I gravitated toward the new sport of Triathlon in 1987.

My triathlon career started out in my home state of Rhode Island on the shores and evolved to Hawaii shortly after.

I was a little premature with my approach due to having no support or coaching. I ended up racing 50-60 times in all distances while returning to RI and school in my early 20’s.

At the time, the Hawaii Ironman Champions Dave Scott and Mark Allen inspired me to pursue it but Greg Lemond winning the Tour de France peaked my interest to pursue road cycling in Europe. I was a naturally very good powerful cyclist and time trialist holding many state records.

My stint in Spain lasted nearly two years and rudely awaked me to the grueling demands of European road cycling. Lets just say it was bitter sweet but I left with a lot of knowledge and experience.


When I returned to the USA I took a hiatus from cycling and started marathon training. I was able to do some low 2:30 marathons and some quick 5k’s, 10k’s and 21k’s. I trained with former 2nd place finisher of the Boston Marathon Andy Ronan.

This all bridged me to my 30’s. I was able to compile nearly 11,000 hours of training in this decade, 30+ Ironman, 30-40 half Ironmans Worldwide, Sub 9hr Ironman, 4 Hawaii ironman World Championship Qualifications, lots of local wins and my best Ironman performance finishing 10th overall.


I retired from competitive elite racing at 41 years old. I had reached appoint where I needed to make changes because I had learned and practiced as much as I possible could have. I had given back as a coach and was ready for a family.

Since my baby boy Kai was born in 2011 and Keanu in 2014, I’ve embarked on my MMA journey.


“As you think, so shall you become.” -Bruce Lee

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