Short Simple Version

I’m an ambitious businessman, partner, and father that always looking to improve and grow in some manner. I love to spend my time enjoying my listening to music, with my children, cooking, laughing and joking. Of all the season, Summer and sunshine are my favorites. The beach, paddle boarding, ocean swimming and playing in the sand make my days special. Each Winter, we like to go away to the Caribbean or Hawaii.

Professionally, I love building businesses and providing real value to people’s lives.

The Complex Me

I see myself as a sum of my history and a personification of my beliefs and dreams. While flawed, I am intensely aware and dedicated to updating my software. One of my fondest memories is of my NLP teacher talking about self-improvement as if we are computers needing a software upgrade.

I seek out ways to improve my ability to perform to the best of my ability. I aim to be kind and authentic.

The mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist both spoke of Heroic Archetypes. I try to live by many of them. I am a Warrior, a Lover, a Healer, a Romantic and a Transcendent hero of sorts. I write this in the most humble way.

My journey’s purpose extends beyond myself. All the loves of my life that include humans and nature will hopefully experience my authentic contribution.

Meet the Coach Terry Kerrigan

  • University of RI, BS Human Physiology
  • Muscular Therapist MTI-Soft Tissue treatment
  • ART Practitioner -Soft tissue treatment technique
  • NLP Practitioner-Communication Skill that aims to train individuals to overcome, improve or reach outcomes they choose
  • Corrective High-Performance Exercise Practitioner – Evaluation, Assessment, and Program Design skills
  • NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Medicine Trained- Knowledge and Skills in understanding human health as a means to mitigate health and disease patterns
  • World Record and Champion Triathlon Coach
  • Trained and Coached many amateurs and professional athletes of all ages from fencing, golf, tennis, baseball, cycling, and triathlon
  • Personal Trainer to the cast of Sex and the City and Sopranos
  • Personal Trainer Biggest Loser TV Show
  • Helped a man lose 700 lbs in 5 years and didn’t even train him
  • Trained executives to swim the English Channel and Climb Mountains
  • Ran my health and performance consulting the business in NYC from 1999-2009
  • Consultant to UFC fighters

Athletic Achievement

  • All-State Baseball and Football
  • Competitive Swimmer from 7 to 20yrs Old
  • National Champion Water Polo Brown University
  • Amateur Age Group National Champion Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • First Ironman Triathlon at 19 years old
  • Professional Cyclist in Spain for 2 years
  • Marathon PR 2:32
  • PR 32:00 10k run
  • 14:55 5k run
  • A veteran of 35 Ironman Triathlons worldwide and 4 Hawaii Ironman Amateur and Professional
  • Sub 9hr Ironman Professional Triathlete
  • A veteran of 11,000 hours of training and over 500 races in triathlon, cycling, duathlon and running
  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing
  • Western Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue Belt and winner for a Gold and Silver Medal in NAGA Grappling “ Gi”
  • MMA Trained

My personal life:

  • Reside in New Jersey
  • Tiffany Italiano Business Partner and Wife
  • Father to Kai Kerrigan Age 7 and Keanu Kerrigan Age 4

My current professional life:

  • Founder and CEO of VIPrivate Care a licensed VIP Home Care Agency in New York City and New Jersey
  • Founder of VIP Franchising, LLC holder of the IP, Trademark and Franchise Concept for VIP Home Care
  • Owner and Operator of TK Performance, LLC the founder of “Train like a Pro” Mind/Body Health and Human Performance

“To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.” -Bruce Lee

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