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Helping Moms, Dads, Toddlers, Young Kids, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elderly, Amateur Athletes, Elite and Pro Athletes since 2015

We serves everyone with dignity and respect!

Sports We Train

Soccer, Swimming, Running, Track, Ball Sports, Combat- Boxing / MMA / Grappling


GPS, Power Measurement, Soccer Analytics, Triathlon Training Stress, Biomechanics

Typical Clients

Entry Level: Toddlers to Seniors seeking fun, safe and sustainable ways to overcome any issues. Strength, Balance, Coordination, Stability, Chronic Pain, Flexibility, Energy Deficiency| Low Fitness

Things that some kids and adults can’t do that are needed for life:

Throwing any Ball| Skateboarding| Hitting a Ball| Kicking a Ball| Gymnastics Basics| Foot Coordination|Tennis|Basketball| VolleyBall| Juggling| Riding a Bike| Treading Water and Survival Swimming|Sprinting|Safe Lifting-Bending-Pushing-Pulling-Jumping

Adults and Seniors that are tired of training fads, Needing Guidance on body issues like stubborn fat, hormone and sleep deficiencies, Metabolism, Overcoming chronic pain, Low Confidence, Poor Vitality, Brain Fog, Menopause, Male Andropause-Low Testosterone, poor blood chemistry and more.

Elite Athletes seeking proven fundamental and sophisticated methods of getting to the next level meaning national, international amateur and professional levels. This by invitation and merits based on the evaluation, interview and proven results. The Development includes nutritional, recovery, Peaking, on and off-season program design, emotional, tactical, leadership, injury prevention, athleticism and conditioning knowledge in great detail.

Sports We Train and Movement


Any Team or Individual Sport

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu|Boxing

Muay Thai

Track Running

Road Running

Road Cycling

Pool and Ocean Swimming

Any Distance Triathlon

Extreme Adventure Mountain Climbing-Channel Swimming-Ultra Running 

Common Problems/Dilemmas 

  • Two Left Feet (uncoordinated)
  • Overweight
  • Weak, Slow
  • Low confidence
  • Poor Self Image
  • Poor athletic results
  • Chronically Injured
  • Chronic Pain
  • Burnt out, Loss of motivation
  • Poor appetite
  • Uncontrollable Cravings
  • Stubborn Body fat
  • Low energy
  • Can’t sleep well
  • Not training or playing to your potential
  • Elderly loss of vitality, balance, strength, joy for movement, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, poor metabolism- stubborn fat

About the founder

Terry Kerrigan was born in Providence RI. He currently lives in Old Tappan, NJ with wife/partner Tiffany Italiano and sons Kai and Keanu Kerrigan.

Terry has dedicated his professional life to sport, health, fitness, communication and exceptional VIP service.

He has lived all over the world and has traveled extensively for personal and professional growth.

He speaks English and Spanish.

He owns many businesses in the areas of Private VIP Home Care, Real Estate and of course Personal and Athletic Coaching and Training.

Background and Coaching

  • University of RI BS Human Physiology
  • Muscular Therapist MTI
  • ART Practitioner
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Corrective High-Performance Exercise Practitioner
  • NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Medicine Trained
  • World Record and Champion Triathlon Coach to former Olympian Joanna Zeiger
  • Trained Professional Boxer Jameel McCline TK Fight Vladimir Klitschko in 2001
  • Trained and Coached many amateurs and professional athletes of all ages from fencing, golf, tennis, baseball, cycling, and triathlon
  • Personal Trainer to the cast of Sex and the City and Sopranos
  • Personal Trainer Biggest Loser TV Show
  • Morbid Obesity- Helped a man lose 700 lbs in 5 years and didn’t even train him
  • Trained executives to swim the English Channel and Climb Mountains
  • Ran the health and performance consulting the business in NYC from 1999-2009

Athletic Achievements

  • All-State Baseball and Football
  • Competitive Swimmer from 7 to 20yrs Old
  • National Champion Waterpolo Brown University
  • Amateur Age Group National Champion Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • First Ironman Triathlon at 19yrs age
  • Professional Cyclist in Spain for 2 yrs
  • Marathon PR 2:32
  • PR 32:00 10k run
  • 14:55 5k run
  • A veteran of 35 Ironman Triathlons worldwide and 4 Hawaii Ironman
  • A veteran of 11,000 hours of training and over 500 races in triathlon, cycling, duathlon and running
  • Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt and NAGA Gold and Silver Medal winner
  • Actively training in Track, Soccer, Boxing and Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Only limited seats are available. Hurry!


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– John

Our popular services

Assessments and Consulting

These services are mainly categorized in the following ways.

  • Sport fitness evaluation
  • Health, stress, and fitness evaluation
  • Obesity-Morbid Obesity

Group Training in Studio

These services are mainly categorized in the following ways.

  • Toddler Age 3-6 Free and Paid
  • Age 7 and above- General Fitness, Weight Loss, Confidence, Anti-bullying, Focus, Attitude development
  • Age 7 and above- Competitive

Elite Athletic Development

These services are mainly categorized in the following ways.

  • 60-90 Min Lessons by the Pro
  • Unlimited Monthly Coaching

One on One Personal Training and coaching

  • Toddler Age 3 to 6- First Session Free
  • Age 7 and above 60 min
  • Unlimited Monthly Coaching and Training

Powerful Custom Programs

Sport, Health, Fitness If you don’t see a program that works, we can design something to fit your budget and needs. Please inquire.

Sport and Movement Development

  • Soccer
  • MMA
  • Triathlon
  • Track, Road Cycling
  • Any Ball sport
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Jiu-Jitsu

We are providing Free Evaluation and First Session for everyone. This offer is available if for a limited time only.

“It takes nearly 3000 days or 300 days per year for 10 years, of commitment to be great at something”
.Terry Kerrigan

About Train Like A Pro Academy

Train Like a Pro Academy was developed by former Professional Athlete, Trainer and Coach that honed education, professional proven skills, and methods from over 20 years of elite-level amateur and professional athletics. Terry has been trained by the world’s most renowned coaches and sports scientists such as Tudor Bompa, Max Testa, Jan Olbrecht, Scott Molina and Dr. Phil Skiba.

He’s learned from industry specialists in Functional Training, Functional Medicine School. All of this has dovetailed with his professional experience as a World Champion World record Coach of Olympians to professional Boxers, UFC fighters and TV Personalities.

Terry was indeed a true consummate professional athlete with over 11000 hours of training and racing worldwide as a cyclist and Ironman Triathlete.

Now Terry is taking his wisdom and skills to the general population to empower kids, adults and the elderly to realize the intense satisfaction realized by his Professional training and coaching experiences. Train Like a Pro doesn’t mean you have to be a Pro to get the benefits.

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