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The Mentality of an Elite Level Athlete in any sport by Terry Kerrigan

  1. Joy and Love of the sport
  2. Courage to follow dreams
  3. Curiosity toward the movement, fitness and skill of the sport
  4. Relentless Desire to play, visualize and practice without guidance and coaching 
  5. Passion to pursue improvement and learn how to get better in every aspect required
  6. Belief in oneself, abilities and positive beliefs in general, they believe they can and are the best
  7. Confidence in oneself and the process to overcome negativity and any kind of doubt
  8. Self Awareness and Honesty to look at others, themself with eyes of truth
  9. Willingness to be coached, educated and trained in ways they don’t understand yet
  10. Attitude is optimistic and generally positive that affects their own emotions as well as peers
  11. Leadership within themself to do what they say, follow through and lead others as well. Elite athletes help others get better and don’t criticize without looking at themselves first and think how can I help Myself, Us or You improve with positive language and effort
  12. Accountability with doing what they say and taking criticism when needed, admitting to failure or error: See it, Own it, Solve it mentality
  13. Patience in the process and time it takes to improve
  14. Trust in oneself and their leadership
  15. Attentive to Detail in the little things, the preparation, the execution of training and skill
  16. Critical Thinking in giving process time but learning what works and what doesn’t
  17. Desire to grow and learn
  18. Work Ethic/Commitment to the nutrition, tactical, skill, emotional and physical requirements to be the best.
  19. Organized, the preparedness and time management of getting ready for a training session, day, week and any training block designed to create improvement
  20. Strategic, always thinking and planning to execute efficiently to the best of their ability
  21. Fundamentals, always committed to the basics and mastering them
  22. Thinking outside the box, the ability to be creative and thinking with no limits
  23. Respect for others and self: Respect your peers, teammates, opponents, coaching and your body and mind.
  24. Recovery and Restoration, Strategies implemented on taking care of the body, recovering between sessions and peaking for major events
  25. Humility, the ability to handle losing, critique and the dignity showed when winning
  26. Ability to handle stress and pressure, Elite greats want the biggest moments, they don’t shy away from challenges or the best competition on the biggest stage 
  27. Grit, Toughness and Determination are evident in the training and competition
  28. No excuses, elite athletes don’t look for excuses, they seek improvement and acceptance of their flaws
  29. Prove it Mentality, elite athletes don’t talk about how great they are, They Prove it. Anyone can talk and say whatever, you ultimately have to prove it or you’re just a talker
  30. Competitive Spirit, elite athletes compete at almost anything and they always seek the most challenging people or environments to train

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Real World Athletic Development 

Learning how to approach training from a mental-emotional standpoint is as important as learning how to actually train. The entire training process takes a long time to learn. The learning curve is fun yet complicated and confusing at times. We are emotional creatures that need time to get beyond the feelings of failure and frustration in order to reap the benefits of the journey.

Things we can teach.

These are skills that will be needed in life and increase self-confidence, focus and coordination


  • Riding a bike toddler
  • Throwing any ball at any level
  • Kicking a ball
  • Martial art kicking
  • Sprinting and form
  • Juggling 3 balls with hands
  • Soccer ball juggling 
  • Balance beam
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Tumbling
  • Hula Hoop
  • Jumping Rope
  • Skate Boarding
  • Body Board in the ocean
  • Kart Wheels
  • Flipping
  • Rope climbing
  • Back bends, walk over, handspring, round off
  • Stretching
  • Pull-ups, Hand Stands, push ups
  • Animal Crawling
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Foot speed and coordination 
  • Vision training
  • Reflex and Reaction Time training

Mental Emotional

  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Confidence
  • Humility
  • Benefits of delayed gratification
  • Grit
  • Determination
  • How to lose and win
  • Compassion
  • Caring for others
  • Taking care of your mind and body
  • team work at any age and level
  • self discipline and focus
  • Skill Development
  • Understanding your body as an athlete
  • Energy
  • What is a calorie and what does it do?
  • Basics of anatomy, physiology
  • Concepts in Movement,
  • Injury prevention
  • Why sleep?
  • How to calm the body and mind
  • How to excite and create readiness
  • Sport tactics and strategies

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50 Lessons I learned in my amateur and professional Road Cycling, Running, Triathlon and Ironman Triathlon Journey of over 20 years.

  1. Courage to chase a dream
  2. Self Discipline, Self Belief needed in life
  3. Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt
  4. Willingness to test myself and know the truth
  5. Commitment to getting better
  6. Focus and Concentration
  7. Attentiveness to Details
  8. Organization and Planning Skills
  9. Ability to overcome physical pain
  10. Positive self talk to overcome negative or fear based thoughts
  11. How to train alone and come to terms with mental emotional strengths and weaknesses
  12. How to train in groups
  13. How to compete and maintain relationships
  14. Self motivation
  15. Overcoming self deception and arriving at deep honesty
  16. Humility
  17. The appreciation and reverence for life
  18. How to lose and come back
  19. How to perform and win, amateur and professional
  20. How to maintain composure
  21. How to handle pressure in big races
  22. How to overcome problems in races
  23. How to swim in open water and in dangerous conditions
  24. The dark and light sides of competition and the competitive mindset
  25. Delayed gratification, sacrifice
  26. The science of Chronic Training Load, overtraining, overshooting, recovery, restoration and peaking
  27. How to execute workouts
  28. How to overcome disappointment, illness and injury
  29. How to take care of the body and mind
  30. How to train In different climates
  31. How to travel worldwide as an athlete
  32. How to balance work, family and personal goals
  33. Sports Science and Energy system development
  34. Periodization of training
  35. The effect of nutrition on health and performance
  36. Dry land training and its risks and benefits
  37. Fatigue and all of its effects on the mind and body
  38. The science of fatigue
  39. Immune system and digestive health
  40. Hydration strategies
  41. Adaptation to extreme temperatures
  42. Sport Equipment, bike mechanics, swim gear, training tools
  43. How to choose the right equipment
  44. Bike position aerodynamics, avoiding back pain
  45. Science of Bike Power Development
  46. Mechanics of movement
  47. Injury prevention strategies
  48. How to coach kids and adults at any level
  49. How to get through sport retirement and the sense of loss
  50. How to refocus and reset goals in life

Seminars and Guest Speaking- call 1.866.863.6800 for details

Services and Fees

Kids and Adults

Age 3.5-6 Entry Level

✔ Group 5 kids 30 min

Free limited sessions weekly

✔ One Introductory session Free

✔ One on One 30 min

✔ 40.00/30min

✔ Monthly unlimited by appointment 500.00 month

Age 7 and above

Entry to Competitive Levels

✔ Group of 5 kids 60min

✔ One Introductory Session Free

✔ One on One 60 min

✔ 150.00/60min

✔ Monthly Unlimited by appointment 1500.00 month

Elite Competitive Level (by invitation and merit)

– 200.00/60min

– 2000.00-month unlimited coaching, program design, training by appointment 

Elderly Age 65 +

Elderly Level

✔ One Introductory Session Free

✔ 80 yrs and older Free

✔ 75.00/ 30min session

✔ Unlimited Monthly 1000.00

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Seek truth, seek facts, never fear losing, never fear testing, love and live for productive high level competition. It’s a gift.

Terry Kerrigan

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