Train like a Pro Academy” is aimed at helping kids and adults realize the benefits and carryover of these benefits regardless of their age, sex, size, level or ability.

The Vision

Train Like a Pro Academy was born from the observation that children,
adults and elderly that can benefit by a personal and well crafted Health,
Fitness and Sport development system that Mirrors the principles of
Professional Athletic Development that will ultimately provide life long value.

Mental, Emotional and Physical flexibility and sharpness derived from
our strategies carry over into every aspect of life.

Sustainable means reverse-engineering the approach that is often overly focused on adding stressful and often unsustainable methods to make the body and mind healthier, fitter, stronger, flexible, agile, more toned, faster and more endurance.

The habits and routines are flexible and designed to enhance your ability to reach your personal and professional goals in a sustainable manner.

The founder Terry Kerrigan aims to offer his experience, knowledge, and wisdom he’s gained from formal education, industry-specific education, internships with the world champion and Olympic Coaches he trained under and his own experience of mind-body training Morbidly Obese, CEOs, Olympians to world record performances, professional boxers, MMA fighters, TV Starts and dedicating himself to more than 500 races and 11,000 hours to training at the elite level of both amateur and professional racing in the sport of international road cycling and Ironman Triathlon.

Benefits/Outcomes to expect



Emotional Growth and Strength

Self-Honesty, Self-Discipline, and Self-Motivation


Mental-Emotional Durability

Physical Fitness and Durability

Knowing what it takes to improve and to win at any level

Ability to handle struggling, failure, losing and setbacks

Improved physical fitness, health, metabolism, focus, humility, teammate, leadership and communication abilities

Participants will find a sustainable way to improve and will see the powerful impact it has on their lives long term

You do not have to have the desire or have the ability to be an Elite/Pro, however, if an individual has the talent and desire then it can become very realistic.

The Mission

To positively and safely impact the lives of its clientele with
sustainable practices

The Methodology of a Pro

This methodology is applied appropriately based on age, goals and
abilities. It scaled from toddler level to competitive athletes to world/pro
level competition development to elderly that have different goals and outcomes
they are seeking.

The Reverse Approach: 

Typical programs do not do enough intake and are focused primarily on
stressing the most and mind with methods that are not competent or are
monotonous. We aim to design programs and teach in a way that inspires people
to see the value of a beautiful life long relationship a superiorly Trained and
Healthy mind and body.

In depth intake covering Why? Outcomes, History, Attitude, Mindset, Current Health, Current Fitness and Skill, Energy, Metabolism

Assessing real world abilities and limitations

  • Nervous System Dominance
  • Posture and Spine Mobility
  • Tissue and Joint Health
  • Static and Dynamic Flexibility
  • Balance and Stability
  • Primal Movements
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Relative and absolute strength
  • Isometric Strength Endurance
  • Stabilizer Strength Endurance
  • Energy Levels
  • Energy System Development
  • Speed, Power
  • Reflexes
  • Vision
  • Athleticism
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Overload Principle
  • Chronic Training Loads
  • Periodizing loading and unloading
  • Understanding Fatigue
  • Good Pain and Stress vs Negative
  • Confidence Development
  • Winning Mindset
  • How to lose with dignity
  • Overcoming Failure, Loss, Illness and Injury
  • Super Compensation Peaking
  • The phenomenon of Pressure
  • The commitment to Greatness
  • How to be a world class athlete


Health Practices

Injury and avoidable Accident Prevention

Joint Degeneration Mitigation

Education on Principles

  • Principle of Variability (hyper)
  • General Adaptation: Fundamentals of Exercise Training and Sport Development
  • S.A.I.D Principle (hyper)
  • Frequency Principle

Sport Development

  • Daily Habits and Routines
  • Using Technology
  • Time Management
  • Prioritization
  • Managing Life, Finances, Education, Family, Relationships
  • Social Influencers
  • Light and Dark Sides of competitiveness

It is not the strongest that survive not intelligent but the most adaptable

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